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Holiday Guide : Outerwear - Staying Warm

Posted December 19, 2014

Winter is always our favorite time of the year here in San Francisco.  Although it stays relatively cool year round, during the winter time it finally becomes cold and wet enough to bust out the heavy jackets and waterproof pieces.  This guild will highlight some of our necessary picks for staying warm and steezy during those cold winter nights.


(L-R:  Bedwin Jerry, Vanquish Reversible MA-1)
(L-R:  Deluxe Griffin, Bedwin Jaco, Deluxe Texaco)


The Bedwin Jerry Award Jacket isn't like your old highschool varsity jacket.  It has a wool body with paneled leather sleeves and shoulders with tons of leather detailing to complete the look.  However, it isn't the minor details that make this jacket, its the fit.  Not overly slim nor too boxy, it'll hug the shoulders to give you a streamlined silhouette with just enough room in the chest to layer with your favorite hoody or oxford.


Traditionally MA-1 jackets are very boxy, Vanquish's re-work is the complete opposite.  This jacket features a fashion cut with the functionality of a traditional MA-1.  Both warm and plentiful in features Vanquish's MA-1 is simply next level.  Do not let the denim side fool you, this jacket can be dressed up or down on either side depending on the occasion.


There is a common theme with a lot of the outerwear we are showcasing and that is the emphasis on a modern fit.  Aside from the bold stripe and authentic vintage Hawaiian lining this Deluxe peacoat may appear like any other.  However, once you put it on you'll see where this jacket really shines.  A heavy wool that drapes perfectly, you won't be encumbered by the weight.  The length is a bit shorter than your traditional peacoat giving it that modern gentleman feel.


The next piece is the Bedwin Jaco Sweater which is a collaboration piece with the Canadian company Kanata Knits.  Kanata Knits specializes in handmade / handknit sweaters.  Kanata is very popular in Japan and has recently gained popularity in the US.  This particular piece is both heavy and warm and is the perfect cozy sweater.


Finally, the Deluxe Texaco Jacket is what we like to classify as a San Francisco jacket.  The weather here in NorCal is very temperamental, you may leave thinking it'll be upper 60's the whole day only to find that famous fog rolling in around 5PM dropping the temperature substantially.  The Texaco is a great layering piece.  The waxed cotton provides a tinge of waterproofing and breathes particularly well.  The detailing really makes this jacket, from its white buttons to the color blocking and various visible and hidden pockets, this jacket is a great everyday wear.

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